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US Tax Haven Hypocrisy Must End

How offshore “tax havens” don’t include US tax dependencies like the US Virgin Islands. The past few months have seen attacks against “offshore tax havens” which undermine collection of US taxes and other efforts from other high-tax countries. The OECD, a European think-tank which pays no tax, has come up with a list of countries […]

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European Leaders Pledge (Yet Again) To Crackdown On Offshore Tax Havens

European Leaders have engaged in yet more sabre rattling over offshore banking, with a seven-point plan agreed in Berlin calling for ”sanctions” against ”uncooperative jursidictions”. At a meeting of G20 Nations the European representatives pledged to end tax havens by applying uniform rules to the worldwide financial markets. French President Nicholas Sarkozy affirmed that he […]

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Tax Haven Non-Sense and Deception

by Vern Jacobs There seems to be a huge amount of non-sense and some outright deception about the impact of tax havens and the alleged abuse of tax havens. The following comments are offered as an attempt to provide some balance to the arguments of those who rail against U.S. persons with foreign income, particularly […]

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