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Swiss Offshore Banking Still Strong Says Top Swiss Bank Official

Swiss Offshore Banking is still in a strong position according to the chairman of Swiss Bank Julius Baer, Raymond Baer. His statement comes as international investors fear for the privacy of their Swiss bank accounts following Switzerland’s decision to adopt OECD regulations regarding information exchange. “International clients will continue to appreciate the financial privacy traditionally […]

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British Colonies Braced For ‘Hurricane Brown’ Assault on Tax Evasion

Britain’s crown dependencies and overseas territories are scrambling to defend themselves against the latest rhetoric issued by high-tax countries. Supposedly ‘leading’ offshore centres are pleading for a more discriminate approach to distinguish themselves from the ‘dirtier’ unregulated tax havens. Geoff Cook of Jersey Finance, which represents the island’s financial industry, says: “The thing we worry […]

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Offshore Banking: Swiss Could Make Concessions

Switzerland’s finance minister has raised the possibility of bargaining in certain cases over Swiss bank secrecy. “Certain matters of fact must be up for debate,” said Hans-Rudolf Merz, who also holds the country’s presidency. “We will perhaps have to make concessions in some cases or others.’ Merz also suggested that Switzerland may have to make […]

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