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Tax Havens and Offshore Wealth

U.S. Corporations & Offshore Tax Havens

A massive leak of financial data to media outlets around the globe has spurred a series of investigations into offshore banking and tax havens. Documents detailing secret accounts were leaked to the Washington, D.C.-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The non-profit group granted 38 media organizations access to the database. Corporate moguls, property tycoons, lawyers […]

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Port Louis and harbour looking west from the Citadel. Mauritius

Offshore Banking in Mauritius

Introduction to Offshore Banking Mauritius has a long tradition of commercial banking dating back to 1812 and has historically adopted a cautious attitude to banking development. Until 2004, banking was split into two separate banking regimes – offshore and onshore – with only about ten offshore banking units admitted in Mauritius. The application process was […]

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Singapore new theater

Offshore money migrates from Switzerland to Singapore

Thanks in part to its generous tax regime, Singapore has been a millionaire haven for years. But a new report says the tiny island state may soon overtake Switzerland as the world’s largest offshore wealth hub. The report, by WealthInsight, a London-based research firm, says Singapore is the fastest growing wealth center in the world, […]

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Invest Offshore

Mission of Invest Offshore Independent Financial Advisers Invest Offshore specializes in asset protection, offshore investment and offshore banking information. Our team provides Company Formation in any International Finance Center (IFC) and assists clients in establishing online trading accounts for global markets. We connect you with an independent financial adviser network, specialists in the offshore marketplace. […]

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Swiss Cheese

It’s truly amazing to me how Switzerland continues to thrive as an offshore haven despite the number of incidences where Swiss Bankers have caved in under pressure from foreign governments who pressure them for customer information. There was a time when the privacy of a Swiss Bank was second to none and now we have […]

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Offshore Banking Specialist

My experience with offshore banking dates back to the early 80’s while living as an Expat in Australia and requiring access to funds from Canada. However, it wasn’t until early the next decade, while living in Florida and working in the Bahamas that I opened my first corporate bank account and began to learn the […]

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Opening an offshore bank account is…

Opening a non-resident offshore bank account is: A) easy B) difficult C) extremely difficult D) impossible E) all of the above And the correct answer is…. E) All of the Above. It really depends on what kind of account, at which bank and from which country you have a passport. (more…)

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