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British Colonies Braced For ‘Hurricane Brown’ Assault on Tax Evasion

Britain’s crown dependencies and overseas territories are scrambling to defend themselves against the latest rhetoric issued by high-tax countries. Supposedly ‘leading’ offshore centres are pleading for a more discriminate approach to distinguish themselves from the ‘dirtier’ unregulated tax havens. Geoff Cook of Jersey Finance, which represents the island’s financial industry, says: “The thing we worry […]

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Russian Coat of Arms

Russia Warning of Financial Scams on the Horizon

First Deputy Head of the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, Yuri Korotky, stated in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily that they forecasts an outburst of pyramid schemes and scams, as well as a worsening of the criminal situation related to currency speculations, speculative deals with precious metals, money surrogate and cash out operations and […]

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