Silicon Palms re-designs OffshoreNet

A new look and a new strategy. The time has come for the OffshoreNet Blog to take on a more engaging role. If you’ve come here before you’d know that this Blog was not original content but a collection of articles re-published from other sources. Well, now we’ve decided to change the format, add categories and more commentary, plus offer more original content.

The mission of the OffshoreNet Blog is to share ideas and provide encouragement for those people thinking about becoming a sovereign citizen. My name is Aaron Arthur Day and I’m the founder of OffshoreNet (circa 1995), originally from Vancouver, Canada I’ve travelled most of my life and lived in some very interesting places. For much of my career I’ve been dependent upon the almighty $USD and much of my personal journey has been about learning ways in which to live offshore while earning money onshore.
I’m writing to you from Sao Paulo, Brasil where I’ve lived very happily since 2002. I first visited Brasil in 1997 and although I made several excursion into USA via Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas during 2003, I’ve managed to live the entire year of 2004 inside Brasil. During my adventures I’ve visited several tax havens in the Caribbean and Central America and I’ve lived in many tropical paradises. So, I’m well qualified to be the editor of this the “OffshoreNet Sovereign Lifestyle Blog” and it’s my sincere hope that you’ll become a reader, tell your friends, and comment often.
Thanks for dropping in, hope you’ll come back soon.
Sincerely, Aaron

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