Latin American Secret

Some people really get the wrong idea about Uruguay, maybe it’s the name, or maybe
it’s a Latin American stigma but most likely it’s just that it’s so far away
and most people know so little about it. Having been there I can tell you
that it’s unlike any other place I’ve seen in South or Central America. It’s
actually so safe and civilized to be almost boring. Yes, even San Jose, Costa
Rica feels more threatening and dangerous than Montevideo.

Recently I’ve been sounding too much like a cheer leader for Capital Conservator who are based out of Montevideo but that’s because I agree with the reason which prompted the staff to move offices from Costa Rica to Uruguay, at great time and expense I might add. Nothing wrong with Costa Rica either by the way, it’s a great place for operating a global company from, however the growth of Sports Betting in that jurisdiction and the fact that the USA is too close and just too influential over their government, meant that a better place to do business might be further afield. So I made a trip to investigate and was most impressed with what I saw and learned.

In any case, the word about Uruguay is out now because International Living is promoting this country, it’s beauty and it’s benefits as a great place to retire abroad at an upcoming seminar on November 28 – 30 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Here’s an excerpt from their promotion page, followed by a link.

While Panama has actively promoted itself as an offshore financial haven,
Uruguay has maintained an enviable low profile. But the fact is, Uruguay is
South America’s only low-tax, offshore jurisdiction that is not widely known as
an offshore haven.
Uruguay offers a number of financial vehicles for those who are concerned
with privacy, anonymity, and favorable tax treatment. At the Live and Prosper in
Uruguay seminar, we’ll have a tax expert on hand to show you what’s available.

To read more about what International Living is on-about click here


3 Responses to Latin American Secret

  1. siliconpalms February 4, 2009 at 9:16 am #

    After several years of doing business in Uruguay, I can testify that this country is an ideal jurisdiction for managing offshore corporations from.

  2. abe winters February 4, 2009 at 9:18 am #

    Indeed, Uruguay is pretty boring. Seems like the locals like it that way though. It keeps them out of the spotlight and known only to the savvy Argentines and Brasileros that make it a hot spot for summer parties and secretive money.
    For English speakers interested in UY, there is a forum where all manner of things financial and otherwise are discussed, including emigration at uruguay forum.
    Pretty good info on an offshore bank account can be had here.

  3. abe winters February 4, 2009 at 10:36 am #

    dude… that was offshore bank account