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The Eternal Gift of Trust

Establishing a Charitable Trust in New Zealand A charitable trust can easily be registered in New Zealand by non residents if the trust operates for charitable purposes outside of New Zealand. In that case as long as the trust has a charitable purpose it can simply be filed as a non resident charitable trust. In […]

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Offshore Business Magazine

Offshore Business Magazine (OBm), headquartered in Manila, is a leading FREE online publication, providing news and articles within offshore business sectors like: Law, Tax, Offshore Corporations, Trusts, Banking, Insurance, Foreign Investment, Funds, Wealth Management, Brokerage, Licensing, Factoring, Yacht/Ship Registration, Financial Advisory Services, Audit, Real Estate, Intellectual Property and Debt Collecting. (more…)

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Marshall Islands

The article called “US tags ‘Dirty’ Money Launderers In the Pacific” referred to in your latest newsletter incorrectly says that the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), among other nations, has been included in the list of “Jurisdictions of Concern” published by the US Department of State. The NICSR 2007 (, see Volume II), puts […]

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The LLC Chameleon

The LLC is a: A) Corporation; B) Partnership; C) disregarded entity; D) any of the above. The correct answer is D) Any of the above. As you know, the US IRS classifies every non-trust Company as either a partnership, corporation, or disregarded entity. This applies to both domestic US LLCs and foreign LLCs. While there […]

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NZ Trustee

Avoiding Forced Heirship

Forced heirship rules in many civil law countries are an ongoing source of family problems which have frustrated proper estate planning and divided families into warring camps for generations. While there are a number of very good solutions for this problem, one of the most popular is the use of a foreign trust structure to […]

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The Incredible Series LLC

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has one of the finest bodies of corporate law in the world, having closely modeled their laws after the top corporate haven in the world: the State of Delaware. The RMI is a former U.S. dependency in the Pacific Ocean which is now entirely independent. One of the […]

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