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Living like a King in Brasil

Brasil is not an offshore haven but if you’ve ever wanted to become an expert escape artist and make yourself very difficult to be found while living a relatively normal life, this would be the place. I’m writing to you from Sao Paulo the second largest city (after Mexico city) in the world. I’ve visited […]

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Carnival is over… almost

The city of Sao Paulo was almost back to it’s normal busy, congested self today. The shops and banks opened at noon and things returned to normal, except with a little less pace than normal as people are still trying to get over the 5 continous days of celebrating. The Samba contest held in Rio […]

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Samba Queen

Samba and the Brasilian Carnival

Samba is the famous dance of the Brasilian Carnival, the main purposes of which is to hold and judge an annual Samba dance competition amongst all the Samba schools of Brasil. In Rio de Janeiro they stage the worlds largest Samba contest and the entire country pays attention, like the Super Bowl or World Cup […]

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U.S. and Others Gave Millions to Pinochet

By Timothy L. O’Brien and Larry Rohter – Gen. Augusto Pinochet, the former Chilean dictator, received multimillion-dollar payments from the governments of several countries, including the United States, during his 25-year tenure as Chile’s ruler and military chief, according to documents recently uncovered during a Senate committee investigation into suspected money laundering at Riggs Bank. […]

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