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Offshore Outsource in Brazil

I recently returned to Sao Paulo, Brazil after 6 months in North America, if there were an economic downturn in the rest of the world, they forgot to mention it to Brasileiro’s. This country is drunk with economic excess, even the street vendors are upgrading equipment and spending more money than ever to build-up their […]

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Argentina Running Out Of Options In Falklands Oil Fight

As Argentina’s oil battle with the United Kingdom rages on, the only other obstacle the South American country can throw at oil companies planning to drill near the Falkland Islands is to interdict U.K. ships or equipment – but regional expert Riordan Roett doubts the Argentines are “stupid enough to do that.” This would be […]

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Renewed Battle for the Falkland Islands Suits the Embattled British, Argentine Leaders, and Others

The artificially-engendered revival of the dispute, which began in February 2010 between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic, has been portrayed as a posturing by embattled Argentine Pres. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, taking advantage of both the start of exploratory oil and gas drilling by […]

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Status of Uruguay Bank Secrecy Delicately Balanced

Uruguay bank secrecy hangs delicately poised after conflicting statements of intent from rival candidates ahead of October presidential elections. Just a week after Frente Amplio candidate Jose Mujica signalled his intent to discuss bank secrecy within the Mercosur group in an interview with an Argentinian newspaper, opposition candidate Luis Alberto Lacalle apologized for his rival’s […]

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Suitcase Girl

Having lived in South Florida for a dozen or so years before moving to Brazil, it wasn’t a big surprise to read the story called “Playboy pinup arrives to testify on suitcase cash” about a woman named Ms. Telpuk, a Buenos Aires Policewoman, come Playboy Bunny, found a suitcase filled with money: Telpuk is known […]

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Season’s Greetings from Brazil

In this new year of 2008 I’m planning to make an effort to be more diligent and consistent at posting articles and information on this Blog. I have lot’s of useful ideas to share, related to setting-up and conducting business offshore. Plus, new and improved global banking products to tell you about and an exciting […]

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Latin American Secret

Some people really get the wrong idea about Uruguay, maybe it’s the name, or maybe it’s a Latin American stigma but most likely it’s just that it’s so far away and most people know so little about it. Having been there I can tell you that it’s unlike any other place I’ve seen in South […]

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Avoiding the Earned Income Exclusion Trap

If you are a US person lucky (or smart) enough to live in a country that either has territorial based income tax or does not tax foreign investment income, you still might be caught in a conundrum. This just happened here in Uruguay last month when Uruguay imposed a personal income tax, but excluded foreign […]

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