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Overseas living in Venezuela

NEW INDEX: LESS THAN 1 IN 4 VENEZUELANS FEEL SAFE WALKING ALONE AT NIGHT  The 2015 Prosperity Index finds that despite years of economic growth, people living in Latin America do not feel any safer Uruguay, Chile and Costa Rica top the Latin American rankings for prosperity, while Haiti, Venezuela and Honduras come bottom Less […]

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Valle del Río Chubut by Lisandro Moises

Soros Signals Argentina’s Shale is Biggest Place to Be

One of the world’s legendary investors is upping his bet on Argentina’s shale oil and gas industry in a show of confidence for shale production in South America’s largest unconventional prize —and a big boost for both supermajors and smaller players making big waves in the heart of new discovery areas. George Soros has doubled […]

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Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf mountain, May 2004

Donald Trump Invests Offshore in Brazil

American property tycoon Donald Trump has revealed plans for a new office and residential complex in Rio de Janeiro. The project will lead to the construction of five 38-floor skyscrapers, each being 150 metres in height, worth between R$5 billion and R$6 billion Construction on the first two towers will begin during the second half […]

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Brazil Investment Summit

The Bahamas will be front-and-centre at the Brasil Investment Summit 2013 (BIS) which takes place April 17-18 in Sao Paulo. With the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) as the event’s Gold sponsor and its CEO and Executive Director, Aliya Allen, as chairperson for Day 1 of the conference, The Bahamas certainly will have the attention […]

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Is Deepwater Horizon the New Ecuador?

Nearly two years after the worst accidental offshore oil spill in the history of the energy industry, some of the biggest companies in the world are busy pointing their legal fingers at one another in court over who has to pay what in claims, damages and fines over the deadly Deepwater Horizon oil spill. A […]

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The Quiet Revolution: Latin America Moving Away from Washington’s Influence

Perhaps the biggest foreign-policy story of the past decade, thoroughly overlooked by the American media after 9/11 and its subsequent monomaniacal focus on terrorism, security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is the fact that Latin America has essentially moved away from Washington’s influence. This quiet revolution from below, in rejecting the Monroe Doctrine, […]

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Biofuels Potential to Transform the Global Economy

Slowly but surely, an extraordinarily important new industry is slowly taking shape, with the potential to transform the global economy. After years of existing largely as an environmentalist’s fantasy, commercial production of biofuels for the world civil aviation industry is slowly becoming a fact, with production starting up across three continents. The leading contenders for […]

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Mapa do Brasil (Brazil map)

Invest in Brazil Real Estate

Image by thejourney1972 via Flickr Property purchase offers far greater returns today than most stock market investments and never before has international property been as popular as a highly lucrative means to create wealth. Worldwide property investors are now turning their attention to Brazil as it fast becomes a leader in the field of emerging […]

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