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Shanghai skyline - PRC Offshore

PRC Offshore Investor Strategy

There is no off-the-shelf product that achieves the exempt from reporting foreign financial institution and excluded beneficiary account that is described more fully in our white paper (see: PRC Expert’s Guide). This excluded beneficiary account is where you keep your secret about your money, investments and assets. Offshore Banking secrecy is no longer there. That’s […]

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Hong Kong Peak Galleria Solar

China Might Be Winning The Race To Reduce Solar Costs

Many people, even fanatical advocates of solar power, are unaware quite how close we are to reaching a critical milestone in the industry. Within a fairly short space of time, solar generated electricity will be fully cost competitive with coal-powered electricity — at least if the governments of the world’s two largest energy consuming nations […]

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Lijiang river, China

China’s Offshore Investment Portfolio

China added much less reserves last year via global investments, underlining an improvement in the country’s portfolio of offshore financial assets. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange said on Monday that only 30 percent of the newly added offshore financial assets last year were in the form of reserves, much lower than the average level […]

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China to Aid Saudi Arabia in Nuclear Power Development

Ever since the end of World War Two, the U.S. has come to regard Saudi Arabia as almost its exclusive oil producing enclave. In February 1945, after the Yalta Conference with Soviet General Secretary Iosif Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, on his way home U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and King Ibn Saud […]

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