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British Colonies Braced For ‘Hurricane Brown’ Assault on Tax Evasion

Britain’s crown dependencies and overseas territories are scrambling to defend themselves against the latest rhetoric issued by high-tax countries. Supposedly ‘leading’ offshore centres are pleading for a more discriminate approach to distinguish themselves from the ‘dirtier’ unregulated tax havens. Geoff Cook of Jersey Finance, which represents the island’s financial industry, says: “The thing we worry […]

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Bermuda to Benefit from Bailout

The US financial rescue plan will benefit Bermuda’s insurance industry, according to John Kephart, president and CEO of Capital G Bank in Bermuda, and the removal of sub-prime mortgage securities was positive for the Island’s re/insurance market. (more…)

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Thinking of Using Bermuda as an Offshore Jurisdiction?

Think Again! Bermuda used to be a good privacy jurisdiction in years past. Today Bermuda has been chasing the tourism industry. Every day numerous cruise ships tie up in Bermuda. They have beach front hotels, gambling casinos, diving, fishing etc. The tourism industry employs more people and is more lucrative than the banking industry was […]

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New Luxury Resort in Bermuda

Jumeirah, the fast growing Dubai-based luxury hotel group and member of Dubai Holding, has been appointed to manage the first new luxury resort to be built in Bermuda in 35 years. Pending approval by government agencies, the resort plans to open in mid-2008. The Dubai-based group’s properties, also include Burj Al Arab, the world’s most […]

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Bermuda Online

If you ever wanted to know anything, and I do mean anything about Bermuda, then you need look no-further than Bermuda Online a massive portal of 120 websites all interconnected by in-depth articles, reports, maps, pictures and statistics. The Bermuda Online site is is owned and supported by The Royal Gazette international daily newspaper of […]

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Registering an aircraft in Bermuda

Offshore: Bermuda is a popular jurisdiction for both owners and operators of aircraft in terms of aircraft registration and financing. Kerri Viera describes the benefits that may be obtained from registering an aircraft on the Bermuda register Bermuda-registered aircraft are maintained and operated to the highest standards required and accepted internationally by reputable aviation regulatory […]

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Little Bermuda is big on charm

You don’t have to go to the ends of the Earth to find somewhere without a Starbucks, a McDonald’s or a megamall. Just head 600 miles east of South Carolina to Bermuda, where residents exist quite happily without fast-food chains, save one KFC. Perhaps it has something to do with the pink beaches, pastel-colored houses […]

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Bermuda Commercial Bank

The parent company of ExactPay is Bermuda Commercial Bank (BCB). Its majority non Bermudian shareholder is First Curacao International Bank NV, which acquired the bank in May 1993 from Barclay’s Bank. Bermuda Commercial Bank have become a leader in on-line banking for International Business Companies. First Curacao International Bank (FCIB) are the issuing bank of […]

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About Bermuda

Bermuda consists of 8 major islands and 130 smaller islands. Its land mass covers almost 21 square miles (54 square kilometres) and it has a population of approximately 60,000. Bermuda is the oldest self-governing British colony and uses the British Westminster style of Government. The Islands are among the most isolated in the world with […]

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