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Mauritius, Gris Gris Beach, Souillac

Mauritius as an Offshore Jurisdiction

Mauritius is a strategic Global Business centre situated in the Indian Ocean region. It offers an open and financially sound economy, located between Asia and Africa, and the success of its economy is largely a result of its political and socio-economic stability. Mauritius is recognised worldwide as an excellent jurisdiction for offshore business. The country’s […]

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Port Louis and harbour looking west from the Citadel. Mauritius

Offshore Banking in Mauritius

Introduction to Offshore Banking Mauritius has a long tradition of commercial banking dating back to 1812 and has historically adopted a cautious attitude to banking development. Until 2004, banking was split into two separate banking regimes – offshore and onshore – with only about ten offshore banking units admitted in Mauritius. The application process was […]

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Piracy: A Growing Global Menace

Over the last few years, thanks largely to Hollywood’s “pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, maritime buccaneers have acquired a highly romantic image. The reality of modern piracy is far removed from the images peddled by Tinseltown. In the most recent nautical attack, Somali pirates on 6 July attacked the 900-foot Brillante Virtuoso, which was carrying […]

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Fate of Foreign Oil Investors In Limbo Amid Ghana-Côte d’Ivoire Border Dispute

A maritime boundary dispute between Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire that erupted this month casts doubt on future international oil claims near the contested area and raises questions about the reaction of foreign investors to the uncertainty. Earlier this month, Côte d’Ivoire appealed to the United Nations to delineate its offshore border with Ghana, a bid […]

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Damage Done By Nigeria’s Contentious Oil Bill May Be Tough To Undo

Nigeria’s controversial oil industry bill is expected to eventually pass but the government may find it tough to later shift gears as international oil firms targeted under the legislation scale back their investments. The Nigerian parliament is debating the Petroleum Industry Bill, an attempt at oil-sector reform in which Abuja can negotiate “downward” a foreign […]

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Libya Courting Oil & Gas Investors but Faces a Tough Sell Following Recent Government Fiascos

The Libyan government has been sounding off lately about boosting the profile of its oil and gas market, but it’s questionable whether international companies will ignore the government’s missteps in the industry – not to mention the recent lackluster energy finds – and keep injecting money into the North African country. The head of Libya’s […]

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U.S. Report Details Money Laundering

A suitcase containing $1 million in shrink-wrapped bills, hand-carried into New York by the former president of Gabon for his daughter to buy a Manhattan apartment. Purchases of a stretch Hummer H2 armored limousine and C-130 Hercules military transport planes for a civil war in Angola. And a shell company named Sweet Pink used to […]

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Seychelles location

Why the Seychelles?

With a bewildering number of offshore jurisdictions out there, how do you find one that can suit a broad range of investment objectives? What sets the Seychelles apart from the others? A remote group of Paradise Islands somewhere in the Indian Ocean, at first glance the Seychelles don’t appear to break any tax haven stereotypes. […]

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