About OffshoreNet

About OffshoreNet

We are about information! We help you source an integrated package of wealth management services for mobile and international investors in search of Self-Directed control, Registered Securities worldwide, Asset Protection and Simplified Tax Filing that are statutory tax compliant to IRS Code and FBAR reporting for holding your assets FATCA safe beyond the borders of the USA. For Clients with any Qualified Tax Deferred Retirement Plan, IRA or 401k we will also connect these plans to your Foreign Investment Account.

Our Solutions provide “Red Carpet” access to the Worlds Top Flight Investments, Investment Advisers and Wealth Management Specialists.

OffshoreNet introduces you to the Adviser to the Government Regulated, Registered, Recognized Trustee and to the Trustee Administrator.

Wherever in the world you live, work, or invest we have the global resource network with the experience to speak Deferred Tax Planning in your language.

Contact us today for your own assessment of Government Regulator Asset Protection Solutions, or to learn more about what we can do for you.