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The Fukushima cloud’s (green, not silver) lining

The ongoing tragedy of Japan’s Daichi Fukshima nuclear complex will prove to be a boon for renewable energy in Japan, and astute investors should begin carefully to follow Tokyo’s new priorities. Before the March 11 twin disasters of a massive earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami, about 30 percent of Japan’s electricity was generated by […]

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fukushima radius

Fukushima a stake through nuclear industry’s heart

Despite the managed media campaign by Tokyo Electric Company, the Japanese government and nuclear industry flacks worldwide, the 11 March 9.0 on the Richter scale earthquake, followed by a tsunami that off-lined TEPCO’s six reactor Daiichi Fukushima nuclear power complex represents a global mortal blow to the nuclear power industry, which had been optimistic of […]

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How to Join Anonymous – A Beginner’s Guide

So you want to join Anonymous? You can not join Anonymous. Nobody can join Anonymous. Anonymous is not an organization. It is not a club, a party or even a movement. There is no charter, no manifest, no membership fees. Anonymous has no leaders, no gurus, no ideologists. In fact, it does not even have […]

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Former Blackwater and Able Danger operators create private sector firm providing intelligence services to the C-suite in multinational corporations

On Thursday, May 12 at 12 noon at the National Press Club, Jellyfish Intelligence will announce a private sector initiative created by a team of former civilian and military intelligence operatives, seasoned business executives and corporate strategists that will provide sophisticated intelligence operations services to Chief Executive Officers who wish to execute their business strategies […]

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