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After 40 years of Nuclear Passion, It Hurts

Image via Wikipedia For 40 years I’ve written about nuclear power, defended it and believed, as I still do, that it offers the best signpost to a great future; to what Churchill called the “sunlit uplands”; in short, utopia. I regard electricity as one of mankind’s great achievements, saving people from the menial, painful drudgery […]

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IFC Newslinks

Canadian negotiations with tax havens will benefit firms Tax lawyers are preparing clients for the possible advantages that might flow from a new brand of agreement the government of Canada is signing with tax havens. They’re called Tax Information Exchange Agreements or TIEAs, and they open the door for Canadian multinational companies to set up […]

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Gold Buying and Gold Savings Plan

A Gold Purchase plan is recommended by independent consumer organizations as a means of providing you and your family long-term financial security, that’s why it’s known as the “Safe Haven” investment. Some personal finance experts suggest that 5 – 20% of your overall personal savings should be in gold. Even an ancient Chinese proverb says […]

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