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Over £10 billion sent from Italy to offshore bank accounts last year In a financial report released on Monday, the police said that nearly €50 billion (£42 billion) of income was undeclared in Italy in 2010, almost twice as much as the year before. Of the unreported money, over €10 billion (£9 billion) was sent […]

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Map of Israel, the Palestinian territories (We...

Israel Set To Join the Rich Countries Club

Image via Wikipedia From Israel, there is good news and bad news. The good news – and it is huge – is that Israel will soon be awash in natural gas. Gas discovered on the country’s outer continental shelf will turn the country from being hydrocarbon-deprived to being a net exporter. Indeed, Israel is set […]

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In the Head of Energy Secretary Chu

Image by Be the Change, Inc. via Flickr As most readers of this short paper probably know, Dr Steven Chu is the energy secretary of the United States, a physicist, and a Nobel Laureate. Discovery Magazine, in its latest issue (2011), selected what it called the “100 top stories of 2010”, one of which was […]

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The Chinese characters for "Hong Kong".

Lee Byers Advise on The New Confidential Offshore Company Structure

Image via Wikipedia The erosion of privacy and confidentiality in the offshore business and financial marketplace has impacted on those legitimately seeking a secure international platform to do business and bank – one of our preferred partners has an offshore company and bank account solution that solves this dilemma. The confidentiality, privacy and therefore the […]

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Mapa do Brasil (Brazil map)

Invest in Brazil Real Estate

Image by thejourney1972 via Flickr Property purchase offers far greater returns today than most stock market investments and never before has international property been as popular as a highly lucrative means to create wealth. Worldwide property investors are now turning their attention to Brazil as it fast becomes a leader in the field of emerging […]

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