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Offshore Outsource in Brazil

I recently returned to Sao Paulo, Brazil after 6 months in North America, if there were an economic downturn in the rest of the world, they forgot to mention it to Brasileiro’s. This country is drunk with economic excess, even the street vendors are upgrading equipment and spending more money than ever to build-up their […]

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The Shape of the World in 2020

Image via Wikipedia None can foretell the future, and yet the shape of what we face can be shrewdly estimated with enough attention to historical trends; with broad contextual understanding; and with sufficient insight into the character of leaders, their societies, and the structures which define their basis. These estimates will be tempered by the […]

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Coat of arms of Lebanon

Spies, Lies and Goodbyes

Image via Wikipedia The killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was until recently widely believed to have been perpetrated by the Syrians, or at least on their behalf. It was the assassination of Mr. Hariri that led to the forced departure of Syrian troops from Lebanon as a result of international pressure and […]

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YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK. At the ceremony marking the...

Russia’s Sakhalin-1 Natural Gas Development

Image via Wikipedia SITUATION: In early 2009, Russia inaugurated its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant for East Asia at Sakhalin. After ramping up to three times its initial capacity, it will supply roughly 5% of world LNG. It is currently expected that Japan will receive two-thirds of initial exports with the rest going to […]

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The map shows the commercial nuclear power pla...

Critical Decisions Looming for Japan’s Nuclear Industry

Image via Wikipedia SITUATION: Japan is advancing with plans to reprocess spent nuclear fuel and boost its external nuclear exports. These decisions will impact the conduct of Japan’s global non-proliferation diplomacy. ANALYSIS: Assessing the degree of salience to Tokyo of non-proliferation goals will be aided by monitoring its policy in two areas: its negotiating strategy […]

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WikiLeaks – State Secrets or Clever Tactics?

Image via Wikipedia Is the US Government Machiavellian enough to orchestrate the recent brouhaha over the so-called website WikiLeaks, is this a real embarrassment, or will it indeed be damaging as some U.S. diplomats claim? I am not one to support conspiracy theories but when you stop to analyze the content of the information that […]

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