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Libya Courting Oil & Gas Investors but Faces a Tough Sell Following Recent Government Fiascos

The Libyan government has been sounding off lately about boosting the profile of its oil and gas market, but it’s questionable whether international companies will ignore the government’s missteps in the industry – not to mention the recent lackluster energy finds – and keep injecting money into the North African country. The head of Libya’s […]

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U.S. Report Details Money Laundering

A suitcase containing $1 million in shrink-wrapped bills, hand-carried into New York by the former president of Gabon for his daughter to buy a Manhattan apartment. Purchases of a stretch Hummer H2 armored limousine and C-130 Hercules military transport planes for a civil war in Angola. And a shell company named Sweet Pink used to […]

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Iran Unfazed By Congressional Threats of New Energy Sanctions

U.S. lawmakers are toughening their stance on Iran’s energy industry with new economic penalties, but experts doubt the Islamic regime will pay much attention and is more likely to open the doors even wider to other players eager to replace fleeing investors. Long on Congress’ radar screen, Iran is being targeted by two bills: The […]

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10 Geopolitical & Economic Predictions for 2010

A great – and still growing – divergence appeared in 2009 between public statements by leaders and their public performance. The politicized, romanticized theater of increasingly populist “democratic” leaders and media seemed to be of a different planet from activities taking place in the real world. While a large part of the global population appears […]

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