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Party Poker

Rich List of Britain

The Sunday Times published this years list of the 100 wealthiest people working or living in Britain and i-Gaming executives featured heavily in the list with four PartyGaming executives among the top ten richest online business people, including PartyGaming founders Russ De Leon and Ruth Parasol ranked second place on the internet list with £700m. […]

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Stanford: “I’m Not A Damn Swindler”

Allen Stanford stands accused of running an $8bn ponzi scheme involving fraudulent certificates of deposit, but the financier came out with all guns blazing in a recent interview at the office of his criminal defense lawyer. Although the SEC has described his operation as a “massive, ongoing fraud” Stanford feels fundamentally misunderstood. “The SEC far […]

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US Tax Haven Hypocrisy Must End

How offshore “tax havens” don’t include US tax dependencies like the US Virgin Islands. The past few months have seen attacks against “offshore tax havens” which undermine collection of US taxes and other efforts from other high-tax countries. The OECD, a European think-tank which pays no tax, has come up with a list of countries […]

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Credit Suisse Gives US Offshore Banking Clients Ultimatum

Credit Suisse is taking further measures to protect itself, by ordering thousands of its American offshore banking clients to leave or face declaring their account details to the IRS. The Swiss newspaper Sonntadszeitung has reported that US customers have the option to move their funds to a Credit Suisse subsidiary, CS Private Advisers, which would […]

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