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Swiss Offshore Banking Still Strong Says Top Swiss Bank Official

Swiss Offshore Banking is still in a strong position according to the chairman of Swiss Bank Julius Baer, Raymond Baer. His statement comes as international investors fear for the privacy of their Swiss bank accounts following Switzerland’s decision to adopt OECD regulations regarding information exchange. “International clients will continue to appreciate the financial privacy traditionally […]

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Tax Havens of Europe Concede

Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg said today that they would abide by OECD rules and cooperate on sharing information about customers with other countries on a case-by-case basis, but not automatically, as many countries want. “The decision will permit the exchange of information with other countries in individual cases where a specific and justified request has […]

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Outsmart the Fat Cat Establishment

It’s common knowledge that almost all big companies and the wealthiest people in the world use offshore banking to supplement their expanding waistlines. No one wants to see their hard earned money being swindled away by an inept government but the problem comes when governments themselves reward these fat cats for failure. The CEO’s and […]

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British Colonies Braced For ‘Hurricane Brown’ Assault on Tax Evasion

Britain’s crown dependencies and overseas territories are scrambling to defend themselves against the latest rhetoric issued by high-tax countries. Supposedly ‘leading’ offshore centres are pleading for a more discriminate approach to distinguish themselves from the ‘dirtier’ unregulated tax havens. Geoff Cook of Jersey Finance, which represents the island’s financial industry, says: “The thing we worry […]

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Monaco City

Monaco Offshore Banking

The Genoese built a fortress on the site of present-day Monaco in 1215. The current ruling Grimaldi family secured control in the late 13th century, and a principality was established in 1338. Economic development was spurred in the late 19th century with a railroad linkup to France and the opening of a casino. Since then, […]

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Bill Cara

Cara Bahamas 2009 Conference

for Investors and Traders – March 28, 29, 30 Cara Trading Advisors (Bahamas) [CTAB] is currently earning clients excellent returns while applying proven risk management techniques to protect their assets, held in their own online accounts. I invite you to attend this tax-deductible international conference, held at the British Colonial Hilton, Nassau, and discover how […]

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