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The Cuban Revolution and Venezuela — Part 1

By Germán Sánchez – In the heat of the change led by President Hugo Chávez, speculation that Venezuela intends to replicate the revolutionary course Cuba initiated in January 1959 is steadily proliferating. Those who promote such a distortion are nearly all adversaries of President Chávez, who have an interest in creating confusion, and who themselves […]

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Winning Streak | Gambling Guide

In 1995 I registered the Domain name and have always known that it was a killer-brand name, but it’s taken years to come up with the right people, and the right plan, (at the right time), to develop something truly unique and outstanding, for the online gaming industry. Here’s the latest rendition of the […]

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oil money

Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Gates opened April 2005 It is difficult to give an apt description to the Emirates Palace. String together a host of superlative adjectives, and somehow you still feel that you have fallen short of the mark. Its majesty and beauty is unrivalled. A palace for all […]

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Derivatives and Financial Market Conference

I´m very impressed by the level of cool and sophistication of this BM&F (Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange) conference. It was about 3 hours drive from Sao Paulo to this little mountain town, filled with Swiss style villas and hotels. Charming downtown core with great shops and restaraunts. On the hill-tops all around there are […]

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A Death Knell for Tax Havens?

by Charles Adams – The retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote an opinion in the famous John Doe summons case, acknowledging that the Court had “sounded the death knell for Boyd,” which Justice Brandeis had said was a case that “will be remembered as long as civil liberties live in the United States.” […]

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Dr. Arnold Goldstein

I first met Arnold Goldstein in 1994, he was the keynote speaker at a seminar in Nassau Bahamas, that I was involved in organizing. In the years since, I’ve met dozens of offshore experts and tax attorney’s, but in my opinion the best counselors I’ve met, and one of the most entertaining, and interesting speakers […]

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Is Privacy a Crime?

by Vernon K. Jacobs – In some correspondence with a close friend, I challenged him with the argument that many people in the U.S. regard a concern for privacy as a presumption of guilt. i.e., ?Those who want privacy must have something to hide.? I really hit his hot button with that memo because he […]

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Second Passports and Offshore Residency

by Jonathan Curshen – Investment Opportunities, Tax Benefits and Security for Traveling in Turbulent Times We can no longer travel freely throughout the world without thinking of our safety. As the world grows increasingly more conflicted, it becomes important for us to protect ourselves and our families. This is not just in the U.S. People, […]

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Southern Blossoms of Miami

My friend Carmen from Miami is amongst the most dynamic people I’ve ever known. She’s an expat Venezuelan with an attitude, a winning attitude. Such fun to be around and so inspiring, this recent article from the Miami Herald tells it like it is… From the ground (floor) to the treetops She’s electric without the […]

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