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British Columbia Flag

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

My family have been residents of Kelowna for over 125 years, and since I’m currently on vacation at my family home, on the shores of Lake Okanagan, I felt it appropriate to publish this article about my home town. Kelowna, British Columbia (more…)

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A place in the sun? – watch out for the tax man

By Lorna Bourke – LONDON (Citywire) – You can run but you cannot hide from the tax man, even abroad, especially after new EU rules come into effect this Friday. Anyone with money in an overseas bank account who hasn’t been declaring the interest and has been evading tax, should be aware that new EU […]

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Cayman Islands Passes Savings Income Law

Cayman Islands Passes Law Requiring Sharing of Information on Savings Income With European Union GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands (AP) — The Cayman Islands passed a law Thursday requiring banks and other agencies to share information on savings income with the European Union, an official said. The law requires banks, mutual fund administrators and individuals who […]

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Dive the Desert – United Arab Emirates

By Sara-Lise Haith – The first thing that a lot of my friends have said to me, especially those from the USA, is that I am crazy, mad, lucky I am not on an American passport, and also to be careful! First of all I would like to remove those misconceptions, and write a little […]

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Jimmy Buffett – License to Chill

Jimmy Buffett Country music’s infatuation with the puka-shell rock of Jimmy Buffett has been one of the genre’s less fortunate indulgences. Most of Nashville’s hat acts do little more than dip their toe in the water and do nothing to build upon Buffett’s signature sounds. View image (more…)

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UK’s hopes for online casino domination dashes offshore

By Emily – Britain’s hopes to dominate the world of online gambling are sliding away as existing UK sports books announce plans to relocate. The government had outlined plans that would encourage online gambling companies to move to the UK. The plans involved changing the regulations which had previously banned operators from British soil. (more…)

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Casino Affiliate Programs Spring Break

It is time again for all of us to get together, learn from industry experts and have fun! The Casino Affiliate Programs “Spring Break” conference will be held June 17 – 20, 2005 at The Loews Hotel, Miami Beach, FL. The hotel is located right on the ocean in beautiful South Beach. This year we […]

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Patriot Act and privacy

By Michael J. Woods – When a proposal surfaced last week to give the FBI administrative subpoenas in intelligence investigations, it set in motion a well-rehearsed order of battle. Civil libertarians immediately denounced the expansion of power, which would enable the FBI, in secret and without prior judicial approval, to obtain personal information on anyone. […]

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