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Landmark criminal tax evasion case

The story broke today about the arrest and indictment of telecommunications entrepreneur Walter Anderson, of Washington D.C. for an alleged evasion of income tax in excess of $200 million, which sets a new record for the USA, relative to the size of a criminal tax case for an individual. Anderson started a long distance telecommunications […]

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Offshore Trust at Yahoo Groups

Join our group today! Get up to the minute news that directly affects you and your international assets. Gain access to the regulations and laws that govern many of the worlds top offshore financial centers. Make use of our comprehensive links section. Talk with some of the international asset protection industries top minds. All of […]

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Tax loophole ties into a knot

Today in the IRS announcd that they’re targeting tax shelters in big firms, related to stock options, naming 42 companies – household names – and some of their top executives for participating in abusive tax shelters and then dropped the estimated number of $700 Million but saying it was probably lots more. Here is where […]

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Introducing MicroFreedom

I was recently referred to this most interesting website called – “The Micronation and Sovereignty Website Index” and yesterday I happened to notice that the author and I both share a fondness for Hunter S. Thompson, it made me realize that HST was a big advocate and proponent of freedom and sovereignty and undoubtedly […]

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Hunter S. Thompson Dies

Today was my birthday, so I’ve spent a mostly leisurely day relaxing at my club, swimming in the pool and enjoying an almost perfect Brasilian day, then a nice meal at a great steak restaurant and finally I sit to check my email once more and post some thoughts. The first thing and the last […]

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Cook Islands avoids worst of Olaf

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Cyclone Olaf has swung by the main populated area of the Cook Islands causing property damage but there are no reports of injuries or loss of life. The cyclone, the third to hits the Cooks in the past two weeks, has now moved out into the Southern Ocean. Full story here: […]

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Prayer for the people of the Cook Islands

I’m not sure which sounds worse a cyclone or a hurricane, each has a menacing connotation. Naturally (no pun intended) they’re the same thing, however one is the Pacific version of a similar magnitude storm as a hurricane in the Atlantic. Actually, I think the names are different to distinguish between the directions in which […]

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Other factors which affected my methodology of “Cyber Estate Development” were derived from having grown up in British Columbia, Canada, working on several jobs related to the exploration and mining of mineral wealth. Also, the mental impact that visiting the Klondike Goldfields in my early 20’s, where 100 years earlier a real gold rush had […]

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The first Domain I registered was “” in 1994 (when they were free from the National Science Foundation) because I was convinced that the Internet would be used in business to go Global. I was living in Boca Raton, Florida at the time and Bush Sr. was President, he kept repeating the mantra “New World […]

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Paula in Costa Rica

Happy Valentines Day

To Paula Piazza Day The Love of my life. We met in Curacao in the fall of 1996, from the moment my eyes fell upon her I knew I was in love. Sounds silly I know but it can happen and I’ll testify, here and now, that there was nothing I could do about it, […]

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